GoDaddy Exec Christine Jones Running For Governor: ‘I Am An Unapologetic Conservative’

Former GoDaddy Exec., Christine Jones, filed nominating petitions on Tuesday in her bid to enter the Republican primary to become the governor of Arizona.

Jones, who was a former legal counsel at GoDaddy, handed in all the necessary paperwork on the opening day of the filing period ahead of the primary in August. The ex-Exec. is running for governor without any public funding and has described herself as an “unapologetic conservative.”

Among the policies she personally wants to promote are gun rights, border security, and the elimination of federal intrusion into school policy. Jones spoke at a news conference held at the Capitol:

“Let’s encourage job growth by getting the government out of the way. Let’s strive for excellence in education by applying Arizona standards, not federal standards. And importantly, let’s enforce immigration law with no amnesty. If you stand up to the federal government… you can actually make a difference,” she said.

The GoDaddy Exec. already has a bunch of ads on TV in the Phoenix area and seems ready to spend millions of dollars in her bid for governor. Other Republicans who are in the race include former Mesa Mayor Scott Smith, state Treasurer Doug Ducey, state Sen. Al Melvin, former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas and former California congressman Frank Riggs.

An outside group has already targeted Jones for her claim that she worked as a prosecutor in Los Angeles. She produced an LA County district attorney’s identity card that identified her as a volunteer law clerk, claiming that she only volunteered as a prosecutor while at law school.

Jones told supporters in an animated speech: “You are ready for a leader that is not a career politician, someone who will lead with no strings attached. I am an unapologetic conservative, I am a fierce defender of the Constitution, and as your governor, I assure you I will lead with untethered ideas.”