'Frozen' Thriller Music Video Might Be The Best Thing You See All Day

A Frozen Thriller music video might be the best thing that you see all day. Don't believe us? Take a look:

So what is it that is so great about this Frozen Thriller video? Let's go through it point-by-point, shall we?

Buckle Up

There is no real introduction or movie tie-in with this Frozen Thriller music video. The moment you click "play" you are kind of thrown into the clip, trying to gather yourself, when all of a sudden you see Queen Elsa's blank stare and abrupt shoulder movements while the music plays in the background. Let's put it this way, it doesn't take long to realize that this is going to be an interesting video.

The Reveal

As the camera pans out to show that Queen Elsa has several back up dancers, you realize that these aren't just any back up dancers. Anna, Kristoff, and Hans are also in the shot. In fact, there are two Annas, four Kristoffs, and five Hanses Hansi. Each of the backup dancers closely mirrors Queen Elsa in her performance as they perform the Frozen Thriller routine.

Can we be the first to say that it's a shame that Olaf wasn't included. And how about the Duke of Weasletown Weselton? We're know he's got some mad dance moves.

Zombie Mode

The Frozen Thriller music video enters a new realm of awesomeness at the 0:40 mark when the cast breaks out in the infamous creepy zombie dance move that everybody remembers from Thriller. You know, the move where all the dancers put up their paws and dance to the left, then dance to the right? Love it.

Olaf and Sven

Olaf and Sven aren't very noticeable in this Frozen Thriller video, but at the 0:51 mark, you can see the view of the Frozen Thriller dance floor from above. You'll notice that along with circled images of the dancers, you also have circled images of Sven and Olaf. Not to mention the fact that Queen Elsa's image on the dance floor is like 10x the size of everybody else. Can anybody say diva?

Elsa Sings!

It takes all the way until the 1:12 mark (I know, waiting is such agony), but Elsa finally does start to sing. Only it isn't the same lovely Frozen voice of the incomparable Adele Nazim Idina Menzel that you would expect. It's totally Michael Jackson's voice in all of its Frozen Thriller glory.

All in all, the video is definitely worth sharing. Who knew we needed a Frozen Thriller video so bad?

Image via YouTube