17 Kitchen Hacks That Will Change Your World

Use these simple life hacks in the kitchen to make the everyday cook look like a seasoned pro!

1. Cut multiple cherry tomatoes all at the same time.

Simply place the tomatoes between the plates and run the knife through the center. This will give you multiple perfectly cut cherry tomatoes!

2. Cut your ice cream with a knife for easy serving.

This hack requires you to place an unopened box of ice cream in hot water for 10-15 seconds. From there, you’ll flip the ice cream on to a plate and use the knife to cut the ice cream for easy serving at your next event.

3. Run hot water over your knife for that perfect slice of cake.

Just like the title says, run the hot water over the knife, pat it dry and enjoy your perfectly sliced cake!

4. Open jars with a bottle opener.

Don’t quite have enough strength to twist the lid off? Use a bottle opener. This will loosen the seal and allow you to finish the rest!

5. Freeze cookie dough balls for ready to cook treats.

Roll up that cookie dough into little balls and put them in a bag in the freezer. From there, the work is already done the next time you want to bake homemade cookies.

6. Cupcake pan turned mini taco pan.

Take your cupcake pan, flip it upside down and place your tortilla in the open spaces. Bake and enjoy!

7. Prevent brown sugar from clumping with a piece of bread.

Place a piece of bread into a plastic container. This will keep the brown sugar soft and fresh.

8. Use ice trays to freeze your left over broth.

Waste is never a good thing when cooking. Pour your extra broth into ice trays, freeze and save for later.

9. Use an envelope as a funnel.

Cut the the sealed ends of an envelope and you have yourself a perfect funnel.

10. Freeze extra wine to use for cooking.

If you have extra wine at the end of the night and know you won’t be getting to it until it goes bad, pour it into a plastic bag and freeze it. Next time you need to cook a recipe requiring it, just open up the freezer and there you have it!

11. Keep guacamole from turning brown with a splash of water.

No one enjoys brown guacamole. To prevent this, just pour some water over the top when storing it. When you grab it out of the fridge to use again, just drain the water and you’re good to go!

12. Fastest way to cut a mango? Keep the skin on, cut it and then peel it.

Cut the sides of the mango off, and then slice it into a grid fashion. Invert the fruit and then cut it straight off the skin.

13. Use cereal and a food processor to create gluten-free breadcrumbs.

Use your food processor on brown rice cereal or gluten free pretzels to make great gluten free breadcrumbs.

14. Melt supermarket truffles to make delicious hot chocolate.

Just melt the truffles in your milk for 2-3 minutes in your microwave to make delicious hot chocolate.

15. Recipe calling for room temperature eggs? Put them in a bowl of warm water for 5 minutes.


16. Make your own mayonnaise in less than 30 seconds.

Just throw an egg and a cup of oil into a blender to make your very own home made mayonnaise.

17. Cut corn off the cob in no time using a bundt pan.

Make it easy on yourself and place your corn on the cob in the center of the pan to stabilize it. From there, just use your favorite knife to cut the corn from the cob.

(H/T Cosmopolitan)