‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Game Trailer Confirms Carnage [Video]

A new Amazing Spider-Man 2 game trailer has arrived for the UK, and it confirms that Carnage will indeed be in the game. Turn up your headphones for this one, because even the music gives it an edge.

The first part of the trailer shows a woman with pink hair walking away from a series of explosions in the street. It makes you wonder if she didn’t have something to do with the destruction, since she doesn’t even react and keeps walking. It’s doubtful they made the woman deaf just for a cameo in the game trailer. Could this be Spider-Woman or Ms. Marvel?

Green Goblin flies by on his glider, possibly indicating he had something to do with the explosions, and then Spider-Man makes his appearance.

A woman with longer pink hair is seen navigating a room full of lasers, and she makes us wonder if all of the women in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 game have pink hair. With the skin-tight outfit and mask, it’s obvious she will be either a villain or Spider-Man‘s ally at this point. Nobody dresses up like that in the comics without some kind of motive.

Soon we get a glimpse of more villains in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 game trailer. Kingpin and Electro appear doing what they do best, as our hero swings in and saves the woman at the beginning of the video from becoming a victim of the explosions.

Again, why didn’t she hear or even seem to care about something that could have killed her? Has she seen too much of the city’s crime and become completely desensitized? It’s hard to get past this bit of speculation if you think enough about the trailer.

Another villain who seems to have been added in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 game trailer is Kraven the Hunter.

It appears that Spider-Man might actually be present when Green Goblin is exposed to certain chemicals and goes insane, and it also looks like he’ll end up fighting the costumed woman from earlier.

Further scenes give us a fight with Electro, and finally the alien infected serial killer himself, Carnage. Venom is nowhere to be seen, but it’s probably difficult to make the two symbiotic villains different in a video game. They do look about the same aside from their colors, but it is now confirmed that Carnage will be in the game.

What do you think of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 game trailer?