Potato Arrest: Man Using Potato As Gun Gets Arrested

On Friday afternoon police in Providence, Rhode Island, arrested a man who who had held up convenience stores with a potato, pretending it was a gun.

The suspect, Gary Deming from Cranston, began his potato robbery spree a couple of weeks ago when he headed to a convenience store in the Charles neighborhood of the City, potato in hand. When he demanded cash, he was rumbled for being a fake, and was chased out of the store by the manager with a baseball bat. Mashed potatoes anyone?

In the second incident, Deming tried to rob a dry cleaning store in the city. In that incident a quick thinking employee handed him a counterfeit $20 that she took from a decoy cash register. Lucky she did, as he may of decided to use his potato if she hadn’t.

The police also told reporters that Deming had broken into his sister’s home just a few hours before embarking on his potato robbery spree. According to the report, Deming stole a hundred dollars, a Michael Kors purse, and a debit card from the Douglas Avenue home.

The sister confirmed that her brother had been a drug addict for years and had robbed her house previously, fortunately, not with a potato.

Deming was arrested by Providence police on Thursday afternoon, having already been on an outstanding warrant for larceny, for which he had been charged back in December. He admitted then that he had stolen two laptops and some jewelry from his sister’s home over the period of a few months.

Obviously a S.W.A.T team did not need to be dispatched to arrest Deming as everyone already knew that he had nothing more by way of arms than a potato. It remains to be seen what punishment Deming will receive when his case is finally heard in court.