'Penny Dreadful': Watch Debut Episode Of Showtime's New Series, Uncut And Uncensored, FOR FREE!

Showtime is picking up on some brand new series, and they are promoting it as best as they could. One ambitious show, coming this summer, is Penny Dreadful. Actually, Showtime is so adamant in establishing a fan base prior to Penny Dreadful debuting, that they are showing the first episode on Youtube, FOR FREE!

According to Entertainment Weekly, Penny Dreadful is considered to be a cross of Once Upon A Time's domain-driven storytelling with the monsters of British Victorian literature. On Monday, Showtime made the first episode, or the pilot, available for viewing on Youtube. Penny Dreadful weaves together a set of stories about characters both familiar (Victor Frankenstein, Dorian Gray) and original.

The cast includes play legend, Timothy Dalton, Josh Hartnett, Billie Piper, and Eva Green. In all actuality, Penny Dreadful may be Showtime's attempt to compete against Game of Thrones on HBO. The debut trailer, which is shown below, shows how intriguing the show may be.

All in all, Penny Dreadful needs to be worthwhile for Showtime. Their biggest shows, Weeds and Dexter, have both ended in mediocrity as a whole according to most critics as well as fans. Their other shows are just so-so, which is sad because The United States of Tara(now cancelled) and Nurse Jackie are quite entertaining. Penny Dreadful's biggest boost comes in the form of actress, Eva Green. Prior to her role as Vanessa Ives, Green played Morgan Pendragon in Camelot on Starz. This means Green will be familiar with the stipulations that usually come with premium channel shows, which includes extreme violence, graphic blood and gore, graphic nudity, and graphic sexuality.

However, it isn't Green's role in Camelot that makes her Penny Dreadful's biggest boost but her current popularity in mainstream films as of late. She plays the main antagonist, Artemisia, in 300: Rise of an Empire and the titular role of Ava Lord in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

Vanessa Ives

Because of the graphic violence, graphic blood and gore, and of course the graphic nudity (which was written earlier as common in almost all premium channel shows) in the pilot episode, we are unable to post the debut episode for Penny Dreadful. However, if you want to watch it, in all its uncut and uncensored glory, just follow the link listed below.

Uncut and Uncensored Pilot Episode of Showtime's Debut Series, Penny Dreadful on Youtube.

Once finished, please let us know what you think of Penny Dreadful in the comments below. Is it worth watching or is passing over?

[Images via Penny Dreadful promotions]