The Taco Bell And McDonald’s Breakfast Wars Will Eventually Allow Customers To Win

It’s no secret that McDonald’s and Taco Bell are involved in an indirect war to gain the consumers’ attention and pull them in the eateries faster than the other.

The battle between Taco Bell and McDonald’s has been playing out on the TV screen and across social media in increasing frequency. McDonald’s classic mascot Ronald McDonald has already donned a new look, and is becoming increasingly chatty on Twitter. Moreover, The Inquisitr recently reported that McDonald’s attempted to one–up Taco Bell with free coffee offers. This appeared to be in response to Taco Bell taking on the golden arches with a revamped menu.

While all of this may seem to be fun and games to draw customers and poke fun at the competition, at the heart of it is a multi-billion dollar industry. By some estimates, the fast–food industry is currently a $30 billion plus behemoth. As the job market slowly crawls to recovery, fast–food joints may just turn out to be the knight in shining armor for people looking for job opportunities.

It is more than marketing, it’s socio–economic science: Budget breakfasts have always been appealing to consumers looking for a quick breakfast on–the–go. But a survey conducted in 2011 revealed that almost half of consumers visited some kind of quick service restaurants. This is a healthy jump from 2009, when a similar survey indicated only a third visited such restaurants. Quick service restaurants offer speedy service, but also offer the opportunity to sit down and enjoy one’s meal at leisure.

The two are now at going after each other in a war that is being actively fought in multiple forms of media, mainstream and social alike. Taco Bell has somehow taken an aggressive stand, ferociously competing for the attention and dollars of potential patrons, resulting in an all–out, no–holds–barred fast–food breakfast fight, reports CNBC.

Taco Bell and McDonald’s may have be competing for attention using marketing tactics, but ultimately the most important element in the battle has been the price of their breakfast offerings, and this is where both have been scrambling to offer better deals and even freebies.

Perhaps Taco Bell’s aggression can be understood given the fact that McDonald’s has been a first–priority for its Egg Muffins that has been the morning fuel for dedicated patrons for decades, where Taco Bell is the new kid on the block when it comes to breakfast and needs to establish its presence and perhaps dominance in the breakfast market currently reigned over by McDonald’s. Is this unique war destined to go on forever? If so, customers can expect to benefit from it.

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