Bootlegging Grandma Kicked Out of Movie Theater

A bootlegging grandma was kicked out of a Utah theater after she was allegedly caught recording a movie on her cell phone — a charge that her son vehemently denies.

According to a KSL report, the mother of Enos Ledezma was removed from a Cinemark theater in Provo when two police officers asked her to leave after she had allegedly been spotted recording a movie.

Ledezma claims that the whole situation was a big misunderstanding and that Cinemark owes his mother an apology because she isn’t really a bootlegging grandma, but that apology has not yet come.

According to the report, the bootlegging grandma and her husband visit the theater several times a week to practice English, which is not their native language. During the couple’s most recent visit, her husband needed to leave, but before he left, he gave the bootlegging grandma his cell phone.

Within a few minutes, two police officers (yeah, apparently it takes two officers to stop a bootlegging grandma) entered the theater and asked the woman to leave, saying she had been seen recording the movie.

According to Ledezma, his mother barely knows how to use the phone — and she definitely doesn’t have a desire to be involved in bootlegging.

He said that not only was the bootlegging grandma falsely accused, but she also was belittled and intimidated by employees. One can’t help but think that there is another side to this story, but the theater referred reporters to the corporate Cinemark theater and no responses to requests for information have been given.

Ledezma believes that employees may have mistaken a closed captioning device for a recording device. He said after the bootlegging grandma was confronted, she was led out of the theater and was told to leave the building.

Comments on the KSL article seem to indicate that perhaps the whole story isn’t being told. Here’s what one commenter said:

“I seriously doubt the movie theater would just make up this story. The evidence is on the phone. This old non English proficient person sounds like she is trying to play dumb.”

Another said the following:

“Saw this article in passing and I had to comment because I was also there that night and that’s not quite exactly what I saw. However, I guess some people love to get attention.”

Do you think the bootlegging grandma actually did what she is accused of or is this a case of Cinemark employees making a big mistake?