Madison High School Student Enters Building With Three Loaded Guns

A Madison High School student managed to enter the building with three loaded guns. Authorities said the 17-year-old Texas boy was discovered inside the school with a 45-millimeter,.22 caliber, and AK-47. The teen also had possession of extra ammunition and a 12-inch knife.

Frighteningly, the weapons went undetected until the teen’s parents showed up at the school. The unidentified parents were alarmed, as they believed their son ran away from home. They were further concerned, as three guns were missing from their house.

The parents asked school officials to search the teen’s belongings. The loaded 45-millimeter and.22 caliber handguns were found inside the 17-year-old’s backpack along with the knife and ammunition.

The teen eventually admitted hiding the AK-47 inside a restroom trash bin.

Madison High School was placed on lockdown, as authorities and K-9 officers searched the building and premises. As reported by News 4 San Antonio, the lockdown was lifted when no other weapons were found.

During interrogation, the teen revealed that he planned to “make some demands” over the school’s intercom during the daily announcements. North East Independent School District spokeswoman Aubrey Chancellor said the boy admitted that “if the demands were not met, he had planned on committing violence.”

As reported by My San Antonio, the teen was arrested without incident and all other students are safe. Although classes resumed at 11:30 am, many parents reported to the school to take their children home. Chancellor said parents do not need to be alarmed, as “whatever he had planned was averted.” She sympathizes with the parents, but asks them to allow their children to resume their classes:

“It’s certainly upsetting to receive one of those messages and parents instincts, of course, is to go get their child… But police are there and they need to be able to do their job as efficiently as possible with as few distractions, which is why we ask parents to remain calm and know their children are safe but to not go to the school.”

As the threat has passed, officials are currently attempting to determine “what his full intentions were.”

The spokeswoman admitted this is not the first time a student has brought a weapon into the high school. However, the school district has not increased security precautions. Chancellor said “other school districts have also had to contend with similar safety concerns.”

It is unclear exactly what the Madison High School student planned to do. However, everyone seems to agree that a potential crisis was averted. It is unknown whether the teen has a history of mental health issues or violence.

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