‘Destiny’ Game Trailer Reveals Seven Minutes Of Action In ‘The Devil’s Lair’ [VIDEO]

The latest Destiny game trailer is here! The first footage of Destiny gameplay can finally be seen, but is it really the “killer IP” Bungie is bragging about? While certainly colorful enough to be considered worthy of Halo fame, some are calling it less of an action RPG, and more of a sci-fi MMO that’s trying to be everything else.

The video begins with you running up to a building in a virtual Russia, with an actual sign in Cyrillic letters overhead for authenticity. You seem to be following your teammates, each of them representing the other two of the three classes. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Destiny’s classes are the Titan, the Hunter, and the Warlock, each one formidable in its own way.

The Destiny game trailer, above, certainly looks like most first-person shooters that came before it at the start. To the uninitiated, it looks almost like a sci-fi version of Call of Duty, with more futuristic and colorful guns. It starts to deviate from that style when characters begin doing teleport attacks and throwing knives at their targets. There is also a rather spectacular moment when the Warlock sends what appears to be a barrage of magic missiles at one of the targets in the room.

The game appears to try conveying how epic its scope is, but the running and shooting parts keep bringing you back to what we’ve seen so many times before. At the risk of sounding cliché, this game looks like a color mod Call of Duty clone with special attacks pulled out of a ninja game.

The voice-over for the apparently robotic assistant device (Cortana, anyone?) seems capable of human speech patterns, but seems to prefer staying dull and monotone. Bungie might need to choose between a human speech pattern or a robotic drone, because the combination just doesn’t sound right. It sounds lazy.

From the HUD, it appears you have the choice of one of three weapons, with two special attacks which may be triggered by racking up enough kills. The Destiny game trailer looks like a cross between Call of Duty and World of Warcraft, but doesn’t seem to know which one it wants to be.

Preferably closer to the Destiny release date of September 9, Bungie will give the game more of what it needs to stand above the crowd. For now though, it looks like Titanfall is a more original title, while Destiny is trying so hard not to remind us of Halo that it ends up looking like everything else. Some on YouTube are saying it reminds them of a washed-up Borderlands with unmemorable music.

Considering that one of Bungie‘s key sound people recently got let go, this could be the result.

The Destiny game trailer doesn’t impress as much as it seems to want to, but there are still a few months before we finally get our hands on it and possibly change our minds.