San Diego Chargers to do list

While the San Diego Chargers did add some Defensive line depth in the draft, I think they still need to find some more pass rush. Their leading sack artist from 2010 is set to be a free agent. They look very thin at the Rush Linebacker positions, and that may have been a way to go in the draft. Now they must find pass rush help via the free agency market, and the clock is really ticking on that.

Along the offense, backup QB Billy Volek is a free agent, RB’s Darren Sproles and Mike Tolbert are also free agents. However the biggest concern at the skill positions is at wide out were three of their 2010 players will be free agents. They did draft Vincent Brown in the third round to ease the concern here a bit, but something will clearly have to be done. Otherwise, the offense looks to be pretty set.

Three of the 2010 Charger DE’s are free agents, and as we already said, they could use some help in the pass rush so finding a big upgrade here seems to be a likely goal. I think that is the thing holding this team back. Chargers GM Alex Smith hasn’t hit many home runs in the draft and seems to be always looking around the free agent market to improve his team. That gets very expensive and is a very risky way to build a team.

When we look at the situation at ILB, we see much the same thing. There only Donald Butler remains from 2010, and while they did draft James Mouton and Andrew Gachkar I think a veteran is the way to make the defense great again.

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