Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards Celebrate Two Year Anniversary

One Direction heartthrob Zayn Malik has made it two years with his girlfriend, Perrie Edwards! The two celebrate their anniversary today, even though they're in opposite end of the worlds (Zayn's with his bandmates on a South American tour). To honor the day, Perrie took to Instagram to share a cute photo collage of the couple and a loving message to her favorite boy-bander:

"Happy 2 year Anniversary! I love you loads can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you!"

Zayn proposed to girlfriend Perrie back in August 2013; the two made their first public appearance as an engaged couple at One Direction's London premiere of This Is Us.

Of her new fiancé, Perrie gushed: "Zayn is so lovely. You know things are good when you can't wait to see the other person. It's a sense of friendship. The main thing I looked for is if he's fun to be around, if I can have a laugh with him. When it's more of a friendship, it can blossom."

Although the pair have been engaged for eight months, there are no wedding plans set just yet. We know so far that Perrie's been looking around at wedding gowns, and that she's asked fellow Little Mix mates to be her bridesmaids, but as for the rest of the planning, she says, "everything is so busy. Hopefully we will one day be able to sit down together and start making plans. No date at all in mind yet. I don't want to go into it half-arsed," she joked. "We want to do it properly."

Zayn and Perrie still seem to be head-over-heels for each other, with Zayne recently getting a caricature tattoo of Perrie on his arm, and Perrie admitting that Zayne is her "motivation" for keeping in shape: "I've asked Zayn to help me work out because I'm really lazy and I need motivating but we never have time," Perrie says about her gym habits.

Good to see the romance is still alive between the pair, as it looks like their busy schedules won't slow down anytime soon. Zayn's South American tour just kicked off on Friday, and Perrie's group Little Mix is set to start touring Europe in May, before moving over to the states for their first headlining North American tour. Despite the hectic schedules, the two still find time to send each other gooey messages online and promise to fly "anywhere across the world" to find the time to be with one another. Here's to keeping the love alive!

Image via Instagram