Pizza Hut: Ohio Robbery Was An Inside Job By Management

Ebony Williams, a former Pizza Hut employee, admitted to the police that she helped her boyfriend, Saleem Banks, rob the food chain branch at Mayfield Heights, Ohio. Reports indicate that Banks robbed the store three times in a span of 4 months with the help of Williams, who had been a manager for Pizza Hut for 2 years.

The first Pizza Hut robbery took place on December 1 of last year, when the couple was able to steal $2,000. Reports say that two masked robbers entered Pizza Hut and demanded an employee to open the safe so they could get the cash. According to, the robbers used the cord of a cellphone charger to tie the employee’s hands, and then locked her in the restroom.

On the second attempt, which took place on February 3, an armed and masked gunman entered Pizza Hut from the backdoor. Only one employee was present at the time. The gunman threatened to kill the employee, unless she agreed to open the safe. However, the robbery was not successful and the gunman left without a cent.

The most recent robbery took place on April 13 and the robbers were able to get $1,200 in cash. Williams was working her shift in Pizza Hut when the third robbery occurred. She was there with another employee, who was hired by Pizza Hut only two weeks prior to the incident. According to the new employee, she thought that Banks was just another employee that she had not met yet. WKYC reports that the police were called to the store at 11:13 am for a robbery, but the suspect had already escaped by the time the officers arrived.

The police confirmed Williams’ confession through a surveillance video that showed Banks dropping Williams off at the Pizza Hut joint where she worked on the morning of the April 13 robbery. Banks then parked the blue Dodge Caliber, registered to Williams, on the side street.

After three days, detectives saw Banks driving Williams’ vehicle.

The couple lived together at North Collinwood. Police searched their apartment and found a bag that was suspected to contain marijuana, $1,024 in cash, and a loaded revolver. They also found items of clothing that they believed Banks wore during the third robbery.

Williams, 19, and Banks, 20, are being held on a $250,000 bond at the Cuyahoga County Jail. Williams is facing three counts of aiding and abetting, while Banks is facing three first-degree felony aggravated robbery charges. The Pizza Hut robbery cases will be reviewed by the Cuyahoga County grand jury.

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