Michelle Beadle, Jack Jablonski: ESPN2 Host Attends Prom With Paralyzed Student

SportsNation co-host Michelle Beadle followed through with her promise to paralyzed Minnesota prep hockey player Jack Jablonski Saturday night, attending the Benilde-St. Margaret’s Prom as his date.

Jablonski, who was paralyzed in a game three years ago, asked the ESPN2 host to accompany him to the event during a live radio segment in March. At that time, Beadle was a guest on Hockey Night in Minnesota, a show the young man co-hosts on 105 The Ticket in Minneapolis. The two had met following Jablonski’s accident, and had kept in touch via Twitter.

Beadle, who posted pictures of the evening’s events to her twitter feed, was excited to attend, reportedly telling WCCO

“I’m happy that the school actually allowed me because I know they’re very, they’ve got some really good rules here. And, so it’ll be fun. I get to go on a school bus. Hello, it’s going to make me young again.”

Despite being happy to escort Jablonski, Beadle took the time to playfully tweet that she was nervous about her appearance.

Jablonski, who graduates next month, was happy to have Michelle along as his date for the evening, which included the pair attending the school’s Grand March before riding a bus with other students to the prom. Beadle made a weekend out of the event, flying in on Friday to have dinner with the Jablonski family, photos of which were also uploaded to her twitter feed. The pair received VIP treatment at the prom, including a parking space specially reserved for them. Michelle even took the time to tweet her thanks to the school, along with a photo of what she said was her first breathalyzer test, administered at the dance.

Jablonski spoke with local news station KARE 11, explaining how excited he felt about the evening.

“This is ending high school with a hurrah. I can’t thank Michelle enough for coming tonight.”

Beadle, who admitted that the evening beat out her own prom, told KARE 11 she could not help but be impressed by the young man’s ability to handle the adversity of his situation.

“Jack is a just a cool human being, to go through what he’s gone through and to keep smiling, it’s just a no-brainer that I would want to hang out.”