‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Release Date Still Set For 2014, New ‘Injustice’ Announced

The Batman: Arkham Knight release date is still set for October 2014, but there is another DC Comics entry on its way and possibly coming early next year. Injustice: Gods Among Us is getting a sequel from Netherrealm, doubling up the DC gaming to whet your appetite.

It was originally thought that the final Arkham game would be getting delayed until 2015, but the panelists at WonderCon were misunderstood due to the applause following a game trailer. Part of the announcement wasn’t heard, and it was thought that the Injustice sequel would be coming in 2014, while Batman: Arkham Knight would be delayed.

The Arkham series is being handled by Rocksteady, while Injustice is a Netherrealm property. Both are DC Comics titles, but completely separate developers. There would be no reason for one game to be postponed for the other, aside from possibly a licensing issue.

The October 14 Batman: Arkham Knight release date is still pushing it a little, and could easily be delayed if Rocksteady wants to deliver a quality experience on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Both consoles are still early in their life cycles and many developers are needing to learn how to create games for them. Hopefully the finale to the Arkham series won’t suffer from being rushed.

The new Injustice seemed almost inevitable, and the popularity of Gods Among Us could be attributed to the lack of a new Mortal Kombat game since the series reboot. Batman alone brings more of a fan base than Sub-Zero will, and Netherrealm might bring more MK characters into the next Injustice, but that could be all we see of what used to be Midway’s flagship series.

Nothing more is known of the upcoming DC Comics video games, but we now have a re-confirmed Batman: Arkham Knight release date, and the promise that we’ll see an Injustice sequel in 2015.

[image via PC Gamer]