April 28, 2014
'Frozen' Song Writers For 'Let It Go' Claim Disney Censors God From Their Movies

Disney's Frozen movie is officially the highest grossing animated film of all time. It's so amazing that even How It Should Have Ended told us... you know. But now the Frozen song writers for the popular Let It Go are claiming that Disney as a company does not like God to be in their movies. And some Christians say this does not seem like a surprise.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the Disney Channel's Jessie TV show will have the main character become engaged and married, which is a first for a Disney show whose primary demographic is pre-teen to young teen girls. Disney is also working on both Incredibles 2 and Big Hero 6, and while some question which superhero franchise will win, we're just wondering if baby Jack-Jack will grow up to be the Incredibles 2 villain.

Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez are a married couple who wrote the Frozen song Let It Go together. It was designed to have a message of empowerment and it was intended to be as "anti-princess" as you can get for a Disney movie can get. Kristen says a song called We Know Better, which is only part of the soundtrack, is a "very strong strike across the bow at all princess myths … it basically was these two princesses bonding over all of the things that the world expects and thinks of them."

But they also spoke about the corporate Disney atmosphere and how even people known for their racy and off color work may get hired. Interestingly enough, they also says there's a giant red line when it comes to God:

"It's funny. One of the only places you have to draw the line at Disney is with religious things, the word God. There was even a — well, you can say it in Disney but you can't put it in the movie. You can't put it in the movies."

Critics are already pointing out how Disney's God stance as changed remarkably over the years. For example, the Hunchback of Notre Dame included the song God Help The Outcasts, which reads:

"I don't know if You can hear meOr if You're even thereI don't know if You would listenTo a gypsy's prayerYes, I know I'm just an outcastI shouldn't speak to youStill I see Your face and wonder…Were You once an outcast too?"
But some Christian conservatives believe Disney has been pushing God out the door years. For example, Alex Kocman of Charisma News wrote:.
"American evangelicals have yet to take a broad stance on whether the company has overstayed its welcome in the conservative Christian home. But one thing is certain — if God was ever welcome in Disney before, he's long since gone."
Are you surprised that the Frozen song writers claim God is not allowed in Disney movies?