Tornado Damage Destroyed Towns, Kills Nine In Oklahoma And Arkansas [Video]

The tornado damage in both Oklahoma and Arkansas is being described as extensive already, with some officials fearing the states may be facing a massive casualty situation. So far the tornado damage has killed at least nine people in total, with two in Oklahoma and seven in Arkansas. But if you were to count North Carolina’s tornadoes on Friday, and not just the mid-west, the death toll would be up to ten people including the death of the 11-month-old infant, who was the first confirmed death of the 2014 tornado season.

[UPDATE] claims that the tornado damage has raised the death toll to over 11 people in Arkansas alone. Including the other states, that would put the total death count to at least 14 people as of early Monday morning. But emergency crews are still looking through the wreckage for the injured, so these numbers will likely be updated later on Monday.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the Oklahoma tornado damage was widespread but the only confirmed deaths so far were from the small town of Quapaw. But as Monday draws closer the main threat zone moves further east, putting other states like Arkansas in the crosshairs. We’ve also reported on the Arkansas tornado deaths, with authorities in the area claiming there may be a “mass casualty situation” because of the wide tornado damage pathway that stretched for an estimated 30 miles:

“Now the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office says that Arkansas tornado deaths in Vilonia may be a worst case scenario since it is believed the tornado was half a mile wide. Police are reporting a “massive casualty situation” and emergency vehicles are on the scene although final numbers have not been released. It also known that a massive tornado near Little Rock left a 30 mile path of destruction and has destroyed parts of town and an entire new school building. Reports are unclear but the same tornado may have torn through the towns of Mayflower and Livonia, and residents are claiming it’s like living in a war zone.”

Vilonia Mayor James Firestone has spoken to reporters and confirmed the extensive tornado damage to their town:

“I can’t even get down the main street down to the middle of town. I am trying to make my way through the downed trees and power lines. What I am seeing, it is a lot of damage. I’ve been listening to the rescue folks. They’re saying people have to be extracted from vehicles. … It looks pretty bad. From what I understand, there has been a subdivision that’s been leveled.”

Many Twitters users have shown the tornado damage via tweets and Vine users have also posted videos of twisters in the area:

But it’s assumed that the majority of the tornado damage in Arkansas has been caused by the massive half a mile wide twister. So far the best video we have found showing how big it was can be seen in the featured section above this article.