Arkansas Tornado Deaths Up To Seven, ‘Mass Casualty Situation’ Feared From Half Mile Wide Twister [Video]

Arkansas tornado deaths have already been confirmed, with up to seven people killed by the massive tornadoes touching down all over the United States. Worse, authorities in the area believe there may be a “mass casualty situation” and first responders are already searching the rubble for the dead. The video above shows amateur storm chasers entering the massive tornado.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, In a related report by The Inquisitr, several days ago the 2014 tornado season was predicted to have massive twisters this weekend, with Tennessee, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Texas likely to be hit first. Louisiana, Arkansas, and Missouri entered the threat zone on Sunday, and forecasts from earlier today show Little Rock as being in the center of the threat zone. Starting on Monday, a Mississippi tornado warning has been sent out to large cities like New Orleans since it’s expected that storm conditions may form in that region.

Unfortunately, the carnage is not just limited to the mid-west. On Friday, North Carolina saw eight twisters strike across the state, killing an infant and injuring 12 others. The death of the 11-month-old infant was the first confirmed death of the 2014 tornado season. Earlier today on Sunday reports claimed at least several Oklahoma tornado deaths, with twisters hitting several smaller towns numbering in the thousands of people.

Now the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office says that Arkansas tornado deaths in Vilonia may be a worst case scenario since it is believed the tornado was half a mile wide. Police are reporting a “massive casualty situation” and emergency vehicles are on the scene although final numbers have not been released. It also known that a massive tornado near Little Rock left a 30 mile path of destruction and has destroyed parts of town and an entire new school building.

Reports are unclear but the same tornado may have torn through the towns of Mayflower and Livonia, and residents are claiming it’s like living in a war zone. Photos from Twitter show destroyed buildings and large hauling trucks tossed onto their sides. There have also been reports of hail damage in various parts of the state.

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