Global Orgasm for O-O-O-Obama

Mark your calendars because 21 December at 12:04 Universal GMT is Global Orgasm for Peace. Yes that’s right, say you love peace, and make a political statement by having an orgasm. I suppose as far as protests go, this one isn’t too unpleasant.

The organisers of Global Orgasm say that the aim of the “event” is to effect positive change in the energy field of the Earth through input of the largest possible instantaneous surge of human biological, mental and spiritual energy.

The world is celebrating the election of the new USA President, Barack Obama, and the hope for change that he has stirred in our hearts. We are riding the wave of joy and renewal, which gives us a flying start for this year’s Global O! It’s the Global OOObama Factor!

So let’s not waste this energy. Let’s send a wave of positive intention into the quantum field of the Earth. We will spike the charts at the Global Consciousness Project and lay a foundation for the ‘Mindful Alpha Male’ President to build on, to begin healing the damage done to the planet and all its species.

WTF, but its an orgasm so we at the Inquisitr are going to roll with it. Three words; Team. Bonding. Exercise.

So there you go. Having a fap will lay a foundation for Obama to build on. Yes we can.