‘Justice League’ Movie To Follow ‘Batman Vs Superman’ In 2018, Warner Bros. Says

Fans that have been expecting news about a Justice League movie are jumping for joy, after learning the news that Warner Bros. confirms Zack Snyder will direct the much requested and anticipated superhero film, following Batman vs Superman.

Justice League is basically a mash-up of superheroes, with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Flash, Green Arrow, and so on, in which all fight the forces of evil.

During an interview with the Wall Street Journal Warner Bros. president of worldwide production Greg Silverman, confirmed the news that fans have been waiting for for years, a Justice League movie with Zack Snyder at the helm and like Man Of Steel and the still untitled Batman vs Superman we will see the same stars returning in their roles:

Justice League will be directed by Zack Snyder. Henry Cavill is expected to return as Superman, along with Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot, who play Batman and Wonder Woman, respectively, in 2016’s Man of Steel sequel tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman>.”

“It will be a further expansion of this universe. Superman vs Batman will lead into Justice League

No script is ready as of yet and a date for the released was not shared by the Warner Bros. exec, however, a Justice League movie will take a while and considering that Batman vs Superman will open nearly three-years after the original in the remakes, Man Of Steel, which debuted in June of 2013, it comes as no real surprise that the studio is shooting for 2018.

The rumors that a Justice League movie would actually happen intensified late last week when it was announced that WB had cast Ray Fisher in the role of Cyborg.

Why was this piece of news significant? Because Cyborg is a half-human, half-machine creature known as Victor Stone. He is expected to have a cameo appearance on Batman vs Superman and complete the transformation in Justice League.

All these news emphasize how much focus there is at Warner Bros. to catch of up to Marvel and their slew of superhero blockbusters such as Captain America, Thor, Wolverine, Spiderman, and of course Iron Man.

Warner Bros. has been heavily criticized for not making more of an effort to compete with the many Marvel movies, but they are finally catching up.

Are you excited to hear that WB is finally getting to work on that Justice League after Batman vs Superman? Or is it Superman vs Batman?

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