Is Megan Fox Too Hot, Too Old For Disneyland? We Don’t Think So!

Megan Fox can do whatever she want, whenever she wants it! And that includes going for silly trips to Disneyland, where she enjoyed the company of Minnie and Mickey with her hottie hubby Brian Austin Green.

Fox is one of those rare celebrities who use Facebook more than Twitter, but what she posts on the social media site is truly priceless. Recently she bragged to her 49 million fans her trip to Disneyland last week, where she was starstruck by the presence of Hollywood legends like Minnie Mouse.


Megan, 27 and mommy of two, jokingly wrote on the album: “I’m still allowed in”.

Fans seemed to have enjoyed Megan’s pictures. Dane Aaron List Watson wrote on Facebook:

“You’re still allowed in our hearts!”

Another Fox fan, Travis Ramage, wrote:

“Of course, why not! Just watch out for Goofy!….I heard he likes the pretty ladies!”

Megan Fox seems to be having the time of her life, especially that her second son just came out earlier this year. According to a recent Inquisitr report, Fox has passed on the mommy medal to Brian, who apparently took it upon himself to be the baby’s mama during Fox’s recovery period. Allegedly, Brian had been the one changing diapers and making milk during midnight bawls. But then again, if you’re wife is Megan Fox, you’d want her to get all the beauty rest she needs.

Megan is set to appear on the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles this year, where she plays April O’Neil. He is joined by funnyman Will Arnett, who plays cameraman Vernon Fenwick. Since being ousted from the Transformer franchise, projects have been scarce for Megan, with her last movie being the mediocre This is 40. But her more important as a mommy is definitely taking up most of her time, and we bet she’s enjoying it more than running away from Decepticons. Surprisingly, Michael Bay, Transformer boss, will be producing the film, ending Fox-Bay feud which shook Hollywood in the past years.

People are undecided of what to think about the upcoming movie. Fans of the old franchise are readying themselves for disappointment while those new to the show are looking forward to seeing Megan again on the big screen. To be fair, the trailer does look promising, and it seems to reveal a whole new Megan Fox that might be totally different from her frankly annoying characters in the past.

[Image from Megan Fox’s Facebook Page]