Five Upcoming PlayStation 4 Games You Should Be Looking Forward To For 2014

The downside of picking up a fresh console early into a new generation is that there’s typically a shortage of high-quality games. PS4 owners, though, can look forward to a number of exclusive games, as well as a number of other PlayStation 4 games that will be appearing on other platforms. We took a look at five titles due in 2014 that will keep you satisfied with your console purchase.


Among the most anticipated PS4 games of 2014 is Destiny, the newest title from Bungie. Having released a string of hits in the Halo series for Microsoft’s Xbox, Bungie is going multi-platform for this generation. The early looks at Destiny seem to show off a winner. PS4 gamers will be able to explore a massive world with a seamless multiplayer element. Bungie’s first game to appear on the PlayStation 4 will pack a customizable shooting experience into a massive world with cooperative, competitive, and public gameplay elements, as well as huge and variable public events. Destiny will hit the PS4 in September of this year, with a beta version appearing a bit before that.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

The next installation in BioWare’s Dragon Age role-playing series, Dragon Age: Inquisition will leverage the power of the next-gen systems to deliver a world far more immersive than previous chapters. BioWare’s next title will appear on the PS4, as well as the PlayStation 3, PCs, and both of the most recent Xbox consoles. The game will feature much of the same branching gameplay seen in previous iterations, but it will be set in a much deeper game world, with players leading a team of heroes to save the world of Thedas from being torn apart by a massive breach in the sky.

deep down

Not a whole lot is known about Capcom’s forthcoming deep down, but what is known is that the game will be a PS4 exclusive. The game will feature Capcom’s proprietary Panta Rhei development engine, and it will be optimized for the PS4, probably ensuring that it will be one of the best-looking games to appear on Sony’s platform. It looks right now to be a dungeon crawler, with PS4 players taking on dragons and ghouls and the like in a wondrously detailed world. The only downside: we’re not sure exactly when deep down will hit the PlayStation 4. Capcom showed it off at last year’s E3, and we’re hoping it will make an appearance later this year, but that’s not for certain.


Naughty Dog will be back at it again on the PlayStation 4 some time this year. Sony is tapping the makers of the previous Uncharted games to give its console an extra boost this year, and that will come in the form of Uncharted 4. There’s little known about the game, since Naughty Dog have released only a teaser for the title. That teaser, though, indicates that an enemy that Drake has screwed over in the past will be coming back, looking to exact revenge. We can’t say for certain that the next Uncharted will show up this year, but we’re pretty certain you can expect to see it on display at E3, and we’re thinking Winter 2014 might not be too far off as a guess.

The Last Guardian

If you were paying attention to E3 about five years ago, you know the pain of being interested in The Last Guardian. The title would be the third from Sony’s Team Ico, and it was supposed to show up on the PlayStation 3. Waves of delays, though, pushed it back one year, then two. Now, it’s five years later, and we’ve still seen no word beyond the occasional “we’re still working on it!” from Team Ico. Given Sony’s insistence that The Last Guardian isn’t in fact dead, we feel just about certain that the game will show up on the PlayStation 4. Given that certitude, wouldn’t it be just nine kinds of awesome if it were to show up this year? We’re holding out hope.

This, of course, is just a sampling of what you can expect to see on the PS4 over the next few months. As Games Radar noted earlier, there are too many quality PS4 titles forthcoming to name here. And, given the system’s ongoing popularity – the PS4 beat the Xbox One in sales once again in March, according to IGN – you’re not likely to see quality content drying up any time soon.