2011 Toronto Blue Jays mid season review

The Toronto Blue Jays have a 40-44 record and are the first team we are looking at that has a losing record at the mid point of the 2011 season. Once again, we have to feel for the Jays who are in one of the toughest divisions in baseball, and are hardly a large market team. They may reside in a large market, but I am not sure how strong a baseball market it is. A 7-10 record in interleague play and a 13-18 record against the other members of the American League East are big reasons why they do not have a winning record.

The Jays offense has scored 377 runs, and as a team, they are batting .253. That is just 8th best among the 14 AL clubs. Jays batters have struck out 568 times, and drawn 270 walks. Of their regular nine starters, two are batting better than .300, but 3B Jayson Nix is hitting well below .200, and CF Rajai Davis is hitting just over .200. That seems to indicate that this lineup could use a little more pop and some more consistency.

The Jays pitching staff has surrendered 379 runs, and the staff ERA is 4.13. That is the fifth worst staff ERA among the AL teams. While they lead the AL in strikeouts with 609, they have also walked the most batters issuing 298 free passes. Only one of their regular five starters is approaching 10 wins, and their closer has only converted nine saves.

When we look at the numbers, I think we see a team that is young, and looking to build up a solid core of players. They are a few years away, even if they were not in a division with the Yanks, Bosox, and Tampa Rays. I do not expect them to make any major moves, but to continue to find out what they have on their roster and in their organization.

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