Missing Plane Flight 370 Search Blamed On Boeing By Malaysia’s Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad

The missing plane Malaysia flight 370 is being blamed on jet manufacturer Boeing by the former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, because of the likely death of the batteries in the missing jet’s black box it’s claimed by US officials that the flight MH370 search could take years just as Malaysia readies to release a report on the missing plane. Of course, some conspiracy theories claim the flight 370 passengers are alive in Afghanistan.

Mahathir Mohamad was the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia, serving from 1981 to 2003. During those 22 years he became well known for making controversial statements, including starting a flame war with a 10-year-old English schoolboy. While some critics have targeted Malaysia Airline System’s handling of the search for the missing plane flight 370, Dr. Mohamad believes these people need to shut up and instead focus their criticism at Boeing:

“I am very upset over MAS employees being held hostage in Beijing by the relatives of the passengers of MH 370. I am upset because they are blaming the wrong people. The loss of the plane is due to the makers Boeing.”

Mohamad believes the communications systems built into the Boeing 777-200ER jet design should have allowed the cabin crew or the co-pilot to communicate in an emergency if the pilot was not flying the scheduled route. He says “none of them seem to have tried” because the whole communication system was disabled, which he believes should not be possible if only one man was behind the disappearance. He also believes the missing plane should have been tracked via passengers’ cell phones, GPS, or at least the “spy satellites operated by some countries.”


For all these reasons, Mohamad believes Boeing must share some blame for the missing plane:

“But the aircraft disappeared completely. I think on everyone’s mobile it has disappeared. Some equipment on the aircraft must have been disabled. Even the backup must have been disabled. Boeing built this aircraft. Boeing must explain how all these means of tracking the plane can be disabled, can fail. Either Boeing technology is poor or it is not fail-safe. I would not like to fly in Boeing aircraft unless Boeing can explain how all its system can fail or be disabled…. Boeing must answer all these questions. Boeing must demonstrate possible ways for the communications system to be disabled. Boeing must accept responsibility for building an aircraft that can disappear in mid-air so completely.”

The former Prime Minister even goes so far as to say that every type of plane design by Boeing that matches Malaysia flight MH370 should be grounded until an investigation is completed. But he says “Boeing has shown no interest and had said practically nothing.” He also claims that Malaysia Airline System is not at fault since they only “flew a plane fully expecting it to perform the task.”

Do you agree with Mahathir Mohamad that Boeing can be blamed for the missing plane Malaysia flight 370?

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