WWE News: Superstars And Divas To Start Naming Their Own Finishers

It may be a bit weird, but it seems that the WWE has become quite adamant with the WWE Superstars and Divas lately on naming their own finishers lately. Finishers are called such because they are done by a Superstar or Diva to end a given match. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they do not. Either way, WWE wants people to do the work on their own these days.

According to a report from Ewrestlingnews:

There is a big push right now within WWE for main roster and developmental talents to come up with names for their finishers. Curtis Axel recently asked fans to come up with a name for his and several others Superstars and Divas have taken to social media to ask fans what they think their finishers should be called.

The idea is that it would save management time and also allow the Superstars and Divas to get more personal with their move-set. Instead of management always naming things for them, the WWE talent can use their character and personal experiences in life, to name the moves in a personal way, rather than an inorganic creative team member coming up with something for them.

Of course, some WWE talents have been doing this for a long time. The Pedigree, F5, and other moves were named by the talent or those close to the character rather than a management team member or creative team member.

The WWE seemed to get this note out because of the social media impact of finishers being named from fans. WWE wants the talent to come up with something, not give it to the fans to decide. While this may seem a bit weird, to not want fans to help, there sometimes is a need for the fans to not have a say-so.

WWE seemed to tell people like Axel to come up with something and instead of being creative, he asked his fans to do that for him. A bit lazy for a third generation wrestler if you ask me.

Interestingly enough, it’s not as if the fans are a bad resource. Rosa Mendes recently used Twitter to come up with a name for her new move, and she decided on the Rosa’s Thorn.

Obviously the WWE fans are passionate about the product, even more so than some of the Superstars and Divas. Yet, WWE is right by having this push to have Superstars and Divas use their own creativity.

WWE has also given up on naming things, in fact, you may not even hear Michael Cole calling moves as often as WWE used to have announcers do back in the day. Sorry Jim Ross, this saddens us as well.

The WWE is all about helping their talent, but the fact that they’d rather have talent come up with stuff is clearly a good and bad thing. The thing is, it takes no time away from creative and puts it all on the Superstar or Diva. This is easier on WWE and it gives the WWE talent a chance to dive into their character far more. Really, it’s a win/win.