Tribeca Interview: Jon Favreau Talks Going Back To His Roots With 'Chef'

Niki Cruz

Jon Favreau has had a lengthy career both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. As an actor-director-writer Favreau got his start making moves in independent film. He's had notable success early on with his feature directorial debut Made and before that wrote the cult hit Swingers, which he also starred in with his friend Vince Vaughn. From there he's widened his net and has been the machine in some form, whether its directing or producing, behind some blockbuster juggernauts like Elf, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, and The Avengers.

It goes without saying that Favreau is business savvy, but what's particularly surprising is the very nature in how he diplomatically discusses the pros and cons of the film industry. He's just as warm as he is knowledgeable, and because of this Favreau exhibits a very generous take in painting a clear picture of the film industry without any reservations or bias. His very nature of connecting with people on just about any subject under the sun, whether it's talking about reality shows or his home life, is the same spirit that makes his films relatable and enjoyable to watch.

This year Jon Favreau made a brave turn in his career, by going back to his independent roots, which proved to be more of a gamble than taking on another sure bet in the Marvel universe. The triple threat brought his passion project Chef to the Tribeca Film Festival, which he produced, wrote, starred in and directed. The film is an analogy for the creative slumps one can be saddled with in the film business when trying to please an environment fueled by critics and commerce.

In Chef Jon Favreau plays a chef, who at the height of his career, decides to quit his job at a Los Angeles restaurant after refusing to compromise on his creative integrity with the owner. In order to find his next move, he goes back to where it all started in Miami, teaming up with his old partner Martin (John Leguizamo), ex-wife Inez (Sofia Vergara) and their young son Percy (Emjay Anthony) for a new business venture operating his own food truck. Coloring the canvas with the excitement and flavors of the modern food world, it's no surprise that Chef won the audience award at the Tribeca Film Festival this week.

The Inquisitr's Niki Cruz had the opportunity to speak with Jon Favreau about his new film. Here's a few highlights from the roundtable discussion.