Parents Beat Up School Bus Driver In Front Of Kids, And Wait Until You Find Out Why

Jonathan Vankin

A bus driver in West Palm Beach, Florida, was attacked and beaten by parents who took his keys and tried to take control of the school bus while children on board were so terrified that one jumped out a window. The incident happened April 14 and this week one of those parents says the driver "deserved everything he got that day."

And all because the bus driver, 40-year-old Joseph Beauzile (pictured above), insisted that the kids line up single file to disembark the bus for their own safety — just like he always does.

Beauziel says he's been making the elementary school kids on his bus walk in a single-file line for the entire six years he's been driving for the Palm Beach County School District. But on April 14, he ran into a group of particularly impatient parents who wanted to go home without waiting for the kids to come off of the bus one by one.

Two men, Ryan Beckford, 33, and Jean Bertrand, also 33, are under arrest along with a mom, Shacurra Burns, 25. The charges are battery, trespassing, and cruelty toward a child. But Burns told a local TV station that she's not sorry and that the whole incident was Beauziel's fault because when she got on the bus to pull her child off, the bus driver closed the door behind her.

"How do you tell me to get off a bus, but then lock me in it? That is preposterous," Burns said.

But the driver says that parents are not supposed to board a school bus, and that Burns tried to take over the bus.

"She jumped on me, trying to get control of the steering wheel," Beauzile said. "I can't let her get control of the bus."

Burns admits that she was upset and shouted profanities, but that the driver nonetheless "deserved everything he got."

Why? Because Burns was taking too much time allowing the kids off the bus.

"The bus driver was basically letting the kids off the bus one at a time because they were not sitting in their assigned seats," said Burns. "It was crazy because everyone wanted to go home."

What he got was assaulted by Beckford, he says, who forced the bus doors open, jumped on board and punched Beauzile. The third man grabbed the keys to the bus and threw them outside, according to a witness.

A police investigator who viewed security video of the attack said that one of the men held Beauzile down while the other punched him — and children looked on with "terrified looks on their faces." One child was so scared he climbed out a bus window.