Watch Miami Heat vs. Charlotte Bobcats Live Online, Game Four Of 2014 NBA Playoffs Streaming Video

For those who watch the Miami Heat vs. the Charlotte Bobcats live online in game four on Monday night, they could witness a 2014 NBA playoffs oddity. A sweep. The Miami Heat have withstood a solid effort from the Charlotte Bobcats, but Lebron James and company have just been too good on offense. Charlotte came into this series with one glimmer of hope. Al Jefferson needed to show up big time and destroy Miami on the inside. Unfortunately, his injury has left him to watch the Miami Heat vs. Charlotte Bobcats games either from the bench or walking up and down the court.

Lebron James and the Miami Heat have little sympathy for the offensively challenged Bobcats. They have continued to apply pressure throughout and obviously desire to get this series over in four games. The series has not been without controversy. After Lebron James was forearmed in the throat by Josh McRoberts in game two, Lebron sounded off about the officiating.

Not one to be shown up, Lebron James gave a treat to fans who tuned in to watch the Miami Heat vs. Charlotte Bobcats live online in game three of their 2014 NBA playoffs battle. After stealing the ball at half court in the third quarter, Lebron James raced to the rim. Only his eyes, were not on the Miami Heat basket, but rather on Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan. Almost as if to “dunk on” Jordan, Lebron stared down the greatest player of all time all the way to the goal.

James claims that he was not looking Jordan’s way on the fast break, but one has to wonder, what was he looking at? “Don’t start that. I absolutely did not look in his direction,” James told the Miami Herald. Whether the Miami Heat star was giving it to Jordan or not, the Heat find themselves up three games to zero. And although the Charlotte Bobcats can count the 2014 NBA season as a moral victory, they are not resting on the regular season. They have fought all the way through the series with Miami, they have just been overmatched.

As the rest of the NBA playoffs shapes up, it looks as if the Heat may have an easy path to the Finals. With the possible exception of Brooklyn, there does not appear to be a serious contender in the Eastern Conference. Those who watch the Miami Heat vs. Charlotte Bobcats live online in game four may be getting a front row seat to the first of several sweeps by the Miami Heat. Click here to catch the game.

[Image via Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports]