This Little Kitty Was Ditched By Her Own Mother, You Won’t Believe Who Adopted Her And Brought Her Back To Health

Let’s be honest, if it served no other purpose, the internet would justify its own existence just because of stories like this. We’ve seen more than our share of cute kitty stories on line, and plenty of adorable dog stories too. But this one combines the best of both.

The story comes from an Instagram account owned by Jessiepon, and if you like these photos, click on over there to find dozens more. We just picked 10 of the highlights.

What happened is this: the kitten you see here is named Ichimi. The rambunctious little girl kitty was abandoned by her own mother. Sad but true — cats can be incredibly cute, but they can be pretty mean to each other as well.

But Jessiepon’s golden retriever, Ponzu, was not about let Ichimi go without a responsible parental figure. Ponzu — with Jessiepon’s approval, of course — took in the incredible little kitty and made sure that she got healthy again.

When we look at these photos, and the rest on Jessipon’s account, which gets updated with new cute-attack pics of the Golden Retriever and his ward almost every day, it looks like Ponzu did a fantastic job. There’s no stopping this kitten now.

We hear ya, Ponzu! That kitty looks like a lot of work. A guy could work up an appetite.

Ichimi often repays the favor by standing watch over Ponzu while he catches some shut-eye.

It gets a little crowded sometimes, but who’s complaining?

Yes, kittens get hungry, too.

Ichimi picked Ponzu in this year’s Secret Santa.

G’night, everyone!

But some things this little kitten does still leave Ponzu rolling his eyes.