Girls Reaction To Hearing She Killed Someone While Driving Drunk Will Leave You Seething [VIDEO]

A video of a woman’s reaction to hearing that she has killed a woman while drunk driving back in 2010 has resurfaced this week, and it is just as jarring now as it was then.

Former Texas Tech student Jeena Roberts, 24, was driving with a BAC of three times the legal limit in October of 2010 when she struck another vehicle, killing 54-year-old Linda Smaltz. Roberts was seemingly unaware of how much damage she had done while she sat in the back of the patrol car in Lubbock, Texas.

After the police officer began to question whether or not she knew the extent of the accident, it quickly became apparent that Roberts was unmindful of her actions, though admitting that she “was driving out of control and was speeding; fast enough to make an accident.”

After the officer informed her that she had indeed fatally injured the other driver, Roberts appeared to be in disbelief. The assumed remorse quickly turned to anger and shouting, claiming that it was not her fault in the video obtained by NBC News affiliate KBCD.

According to Lubbock based Fox34 News, Roberts was sentenced to 15 years in prison in November of 2012.

What did you think of Jeena Roberts’ reaction to finding out that she had killed a woman while driving drunk?