Wedding Crashers Apologize To Bride After Being Found On Facebook

A bride and groom were shocked when they discovered a young couple who were complete strangers, drinking, dancing and mingling with guests at their wedding. After the story of the wedding crashers went viral, the bride, Krista Lamlin, received a heartfelt apology from the couple on Facebook.

The brazen party crashers were seen on video footage taken at the wedding of Krista to her husband, Andrew Reilly, in Valley Forge. They were in the middle of the dance floor along with some of the 120 invited guests.

The new bride told reporters: "They were sitting at a table where it was just my cousins. I knew who I had sat at that table and knew they didn't belong. They were dressed to go."

Mother-of-the-bride, Suzanne Lamlin added: "They were ready for the wedding because they didn't look bad, they blended right in."

The groom's family immediately took to Facebook to try and find out the identities of the young couple. They wanted to know if they were serial wedding crashers, or simply opportunists who were at the right place at the right time.

After they were spotted, having consumed a fair amount of free drinks, the wedding coordinator escorted them off the premises without incident.

The couple, who apologized to the bride via Facebook, said they were guests at the resort that night and found themselves bored with nothing to do. When they stumbled upon the wedding in full swing they decided to join the party, assuming they wouldn't be caught.

The couple say they had never done anything like that before and don't intend to do it again any time soon. For her part, the new bride seemed to be in a forgiving mood and accepted the couple's apology fully and officially.

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