'Girls' Adds Two New Characters To Season Four

Looks like Girls' Hannah Horvath is finding an additional girl to bond with on the upcoming season of the HBO hit series Girls. The last time we saw Hannah she was telling her on-again-off-again boyfriend Adam that she was moving from Brooklyn to Iowa to craft her writing at the Iowa Writers' Workshop.

It looks like Hannah is actually going through with this decision, and because of that we're going to see a few fresh faces on the show HBO show. According to Deadline, Hannah will make new friends, or at least find some peers at the Iowa Writers' Workshop. Season four will introduce actress Desiree Akhavan and actor Peter Mark Kendall as new additions.

Akhavan, much like series creator and star Lena Dunham, wears multiple hats and has already directed and starred in a film called Appropriate Behavior which scored favorable reviews at Sundance. In addition the actress stars in a web series The Slope.

As for Peter Mark Kendall he's someone we haven't seen before, which has worked for the Girls men. So far he's had a guest starring role in one episode of the show The Leftovers, and a TV Movie called Public Morals.

With the announcement that Girls would be seeing new faces on the show, Lena Dunham took to Instagram to show off those brand new faces. Dunham revealed the character Chandra (played by Desiree Arkhavan) while on the set in Staten Island. From what we can gather, Staten Island, the most suburban of the Burroughs of New York, will act as Iowa.

In the Instagram caption Lena Dunham said:

"Desi vamping it up on Staten Island. Meet #Chandra, @girlshbo season 4."
The reason why Girls isn't filming in Iowa City is because the writing program denied HBO the rights to shoot on the campus.

The show has filmed in Staten Island before and was met with some backlash for how they portrayed some of the people that live there.

An episode from season 2 saw characters Adam and Ray visiting Staten Island to return a stolen dog, and on the way the characters managed to stir up a pretty big rreactions from the residents of Staten Island.

One quote from Ray summed Staten Island up in the realm of the show:

"All these people, they want to live in Manhattan but they end up on this … weird little island watching the city in the distance with this quiet rage burning in their hearts."
While it was the tamest quotes about Staten Island it wasn't at all well received, but we would like to believe that was intentional.

[Image Credit: HBO]