What This Icelandic Group Does In A Train Station Will Give You Chills!

Icelandic indie-folk group Árstíðir has found themselves quickly becoming YouTube sensations as the video of them singing an over 800 year-old Icelandic hymn in a train station is going viral.

The video posted in September of 2013 is gaining views in a hurry as sites like Reddit.com have taken notice and have begun spreading the mesmerizing clip of the group singing this beautiful piece.

The hymn, Heyr himna smiður was originally written by poet Kolbeinn Tumason on his deathbed in 1208.

The translation is below:

Listen, smith of the heavens,
what the poet asks.
May softly come unto me
your mercy.
So I call on thee,
for you have created me.
I am thy slave,
you are my Lord.

God, I call on thee to heal me.
Remember me, mild one, (or mild king. This is a pun on the word mildingur).
Most we need thee.
Drive out, O king of suns,
generous and great,
every human sorrow
from the city of the heart.

Watch over me, mild one,
Most we need thee,
truly every moment
in the world of men.
send us, son of the virgin,
good causes,
all aid is from thee,
in my heart.