Rich Kids Say The Darndest Things! 10 Best Facepalm Remarks From Private School

Who doesn’t want to be rich? Having massive amounts of money sure seems like it would solve a lot of the problems that most of us who don’t have money coming out of our ears have to deal with every day. But maybe we just don’t realize how hard it is to be rich — especially a rich kid in private school.

For those of us who don’t get the pleasure of experiencing it on daily basis, there’s a new Facebook page, Overheard At Private School, that gives the other 99 percent a rare glimpse into what wealthy private school students talk about when they they think that no one, except other another rich kid, is listening.

The page has been up only since April 17, but it already has more than 50,000 “likes,” which means we aren’t the only ones curious about what rich kids talk about among themselves.

Here are our 10 favorite remarks, “overheard in private school.”

We’d give you more examples, but we have to dash. Our caviar is moulting.