Milford Stabbing: Former Football Coach Calls Incident ‘Really Strange’

The fatal stabbing at Jonathan Law High School has left the town of Milford, Connecticut in complete shock and disbelief. One of the reasons is because the suspect, Chris Plakson, didn’t come across as a troubled teenager, according to those who knew him.

The New York Times reports that students at the Milford school don’t have much time to be causing trouble, since they are involved with volunteer work, sports, or music. Plakson was a wide receiver on the school’s football team, and he also played baseball and ran track. His friends and teachers say he told a lot of jokes, and he was popular. So, when he was accused of stabbing his longtime friend, 16-year-old Maren Sanchez, those who know him are now wondering what led him to commit such a heinous act.

One of those people is Mark Robinson, who coached Plakson in football before retiring last season. Robinson said the Milford teen was “well-liked” and didn’t fit the stereotype of someone charged with fatally stabbing another person.

“They’re looking for the kid in the black cape and the fangs and the black fingernails, but there was no sign,” he said. “He wasn’t a kid who was in the shadows.”

Robinson added that the Milford teen also had a great sense of humor, and “that’s what makes [the incident] really strange.”

Students and staff at the Milford school said they are uncertain why a stabbing would take place in their town of 51,000 people. This type of violence is more likely to happen in nearby cities like Bridgeport and New Haven, both of which have significantly higher rates of violent crime than a place like Milford.

The initial rumor, as reported by The Inquisitr, is that the motive behind the stabbing was because Sanchez turned down Plakson’s request to be his date for the prom. However, Milford Police have yet to uncover the official motive for the stabbing.

Sanchez was supposed to operate the giant, man-eating plant in the Milford school’s upcoming performance of Little Shop of Horrors. Michael Mele, adviser to the drama program, said that while the thought of canceling it was brought up, the play will still go on in her honor.

“Let them grieve,” Mele said. “Let them come to rehearsal on Monday. If they have to cry for her for two hours, they can. At least they’ll be safe.”

Following the stabbing, the Milford school’s prom has been indefinitely postponed, and classes have been canceled for Monday, according to a report from KSLA News. Milford Police and city officials have also “assured” residents that the stabbing was “an isolated incident” between Sanchez and Plakson that occurred inside the school building.

Edwin Gavin, an attorney for Plakson, said the Milford teen is currently undergoing a psychiatric evaluation and will not appear for his arraignment at juvenile court in New Haven on Monday. At this point, it is undetermined if Plakson will be tried as an adult for the fatal stabbing of Sanchez.

On Friday, Milford Police issued a statement saying: “The Milford Superior Court will follow up with a determination if the case will be handled as a juvenile or adult proceeding.”