Elderly Shopkeeper Held At Gunpoint, You Won’t Believe His Response [VIDEO]

England based shopkeeper Julian Karim was held at gunpoint last Saturday night and was able to fight of the would be robber using one of the weapons provided by the suspect- a plastic bag.

Karim, 69, was operating his store like he has every night for the past 30 years when a masked man stormed through his doors wielding a gun and demanding money. Just like that, the elderly shopkeeper grabbed the plastic bag meant for the money, threw it in his face and attempted to reach for an item behind the counter.

“He said, “Give me the money.” I thought he was having a joke or something” said Karim.

Apparently frightened by the potential dangers of plastic bags, the suspect quickly fled for the door without looking back and Karim joined the ranks of those convenience store owners able to fight off their attackers.

According to Yahoo, when asked if he was frightened by the altercation Karim said “‘I was scared when he pulled out the gun, but I thought I’m not giving him any money,” adding, “I’ve been here for 30 years and we’ve never had anything like this before. We don’t get any trouble.”

The community has shown their support for the veteran shopkeeper, offering their mobile phone numbers and insisting Mr. Karim to call them should he need any assistance in the future.