Justin Bieber May Be In NYC For A Calvin Klein Photoshoot [Report]

Justin Bieber has hit New York City. Word is, the superstar is in the Big Apple to film a Calvin Klein photoshoot with a certain Kendall Jenner. That sound? Rising hysteria.

Justin Bieber has hit New York City.

After a rough welcome back from Japan by TSA at LAX on Thursday, the 20-year-old hit the Big Apple Saturday morning, and rumor is he’s in town for a Calvin Klein photoshoot.

According to Hollywood Life, a source purportedly said:

“He’s [Bieber] here for a Calvin Klein photo shoot and Kendall [Jenner] is here too.”

While we haven’t confirmed that, there is a bona fide screenshot floating online of a personal exchange Bieber had on Instagram with another network user Naomi (_nn25_), in which he said he couldn’t attend her Bat Mitzvah because he was filming a photoshoot.

It’s prompted fresh talk that the Canadian singer is about to be announced in a Calvin Klein campaign, although it should be noted Bieber did not mention who the shoot was for.

Justin Bieber Admits Central Park Proposal Plan

(Photo: Instagram.)

On March 14, Kendall, 18, posted an Instagram snap of herself posing in Calvins, which was captioned, “morning! just going to hang out in #MyCalvins alllll day!… thank you @calvinklein for my little gifts (sic).”

Then, 11 days later Justin kicked off a Twitter riot when he teased the idea of a Calvin Klein campaign and asked for fans’ feedback.

The “Confident” singer also posted two open-shirted photos of himself wearing the label.

At the time, the underwear brand declined media requests for comment, which might not be an automatic “no” as last December similar enquires were quickly denied. Since then, there haven’t been any definitive reports.

However, in addition to Bieber’s arrival in NYC and his recent Twitter updates that “Big news” and “Big things [are] happening,” on Sunday his longtime manager Scooter Braun posted an Instagram photo alongside a scene of fans rapturously mobbing Justin outside his Manhattan hotel on Saturday, April 26.

The caption read:

“Jb in nyc this week. The next steps are going to shock the world!! Very proud of him. How we get back up define us as a man. How we handle hardship.

Braun added, “He is ready! Plus this pic is amazing.”

Justin Bieber Meeting Fans In NYC

(Photo: Braun Instagram.)

For the moment it’s wait-and-see time as to whether Bieber will be an official model in a Calvin Klein campaign.

But for our money it’s a great fit and makes a welcome change from the singer’s ongoing legal woes and that Yasukuni Shrine snafu, which we and TMZ view as an “honest mistake” any historically challenged tourist could make.

One person who may not be psyched about Bieber doing a campaign if it involves Kendall is on-again, off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez.

The “Come & Get It” singer very publicly ‘unfollowed’ the Jenner sisters on her Instagram account last week before deleting all photos of Kylie and Kendall, although Gomez’s Friday meet with Bieber in Hollywood suggests she doesn’t fret over non-credible gossip claims.

Both TMZ and E! News have since reported Selena’s social media purge was a reaction to her experience hanging out with the reality stars at Coachella and her belief that she needed to remove allegedly “toxic” people from her life.

To recap:

Bieber is in NYC, meeting fans, hinting about proposals, has just dropped a new song, and is seemingly staying positive despite the drama that surrounds him.

And maybe, just maybe, he’s shooting a Calvin Klein campaign this week.

Justin Bieber Calvin Klein Model?

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