Beyoncé Knowles Inspired Sophia Bush To Pose For Maxim

In the eyes of many, Beyoncé Knowles can simply do no wrong.

If she isn’t inspiring folks to embark on their own careers in the music industry, then she’s proving that you don’t need tons of promotion and a release date to have a hit record. According to DNA, Knowles also helps women feel comfortable in their own skin.

One Tree Hill alum Sophia Bush recently explained that she drew inspiration from Beyoncé Knowles when she was recently approached by the boys and girls at Maxim for a photo shoot. Although she was a little apprehensive about joining forces with the publication, the actress said all she needed to do was find strength in Beyoncé.

“Beyoncé convinced me to do my Maxim cover. I was like, I am a grown woman and I can do whatever I want. I was like, Hey, I’m allowed to feel comfortable in my own skin. I’m allowed to push the envelope. I’m allowed to have the conversations with the women who are in my audience that no one wants to talk about,” Bush recently told Star magazine.

She added, “I feel confident when I feel strong. I think any time that you sort of achieve something new, that does it, too. The women who come to me everyday, whether I run into them on the street, whether we’re talking on Twitter or Instagram, we’re having inspiring, real, meaningful conversations, and if I can give them permission to do that, then they can do the same for me.”

Sophia said drawing inspiration from Beyoncé Knowles helped her realize that she could pose for Maxim and not feel guilty about it. The actress said that women often feel so sexualized by everyone else that they often forget they can do things of this nature for themselves.

The Guardian Liberty Voice writer Joshua Oleksak recently discussed whether the singer is a positive role model for women. He explained:

“Beyoncé Knowles is said to be a positive beacon for feminism, and role-model for America’s children. She creates her music to be popular, though often includes details that are not always addressed in pop music today. The pop singer believes that women should own their sexuality, though not in a way in which they are not causing others to constantly objectify them. This is interesting because Knowles’ entire career rests on the expectation that people will buy her as a product.”

Are you surprised that Beyoncé Knowles inspired Sophia Bush to pose for Maxim? Do you agree that the singer is a positive role model for women?

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