California Woman Kills Her Seven-Month-Old Baby, Attempts Suicide

A 23-year-old California mother, believed to be suicidal was found to have killed her seven-month-old baby by stabbing the infant to death, reports the Seattle Pi. The incident happened at a park near Livermore, California on Saturday. The woman, who has been arrested by the police is being currently held at the Alameda County Jail. According to the police, the woman first murdered the baby using a knife and then attempted to kill herself.

According to East Bay Regional Park District Police Chief Timothy Anderson, officers initially reached the spot after they received reports of a woman ramming her car into a wall at Del Valle Regional Park. When they reached the spot, they found a damaged Honda Civic with a baby seat at the back. On searching the area, they found the woman carrying the dead baby in her arms. The baby had multiple stab wounds and was bleeding. The police say that the horrific case of stabbing occurred in a remote part of Camp Arroyo. This is a popular site where a children’s camp is located.

“Officers on the scene at the time attempted to resuscitate the baby and were unsuccessful”, Anderson told Yahoo. Authorities investigating the crime also found a pocket knife from the park. At this moment they are unsure if the woman had used the same knife to inflict the fatal wounds on her baby’s body. They add that the young woman had stab wounds on her body as well which they presume were made in an attempt to kill herself.

Officials have not revealed the identity of the woman involved in the case. Meanwhile, the park which was temporarily closed to the public after the incident has been since then thrown open.

This brutal case of a mother killing her own baby comes days after The Inquisitr had reported about another gruesome case where an Ohio mother, Megan Huntsman, age 39, killed at least six babies and hid them in boxes inside her garage. In that case while police found seven bodies, Huntsman was charged only with six counts of murder because one of the child was stillborn.

[Image via Guardianlv]