Are Selena Gomez, Orlando Bloom Revenge Dating And Mating?

There's a thin line between love and revenge apparently. And an even thinner one between rumor and fact.

Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom have redefined the term "canoodling" according to Page Six and TMZ. Miranda Kerr and Justin Bieber, we'll come to shortly.

Last Saturday, Gomez and Bloom were papped as they sat together in an outside area at the Forum in Los Angeles where Chelsea Handler was playing a comedy show.

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Canoodling now means sitting on in a public space, having a conversation, then one of you getting up quickly when a pap takes your picture without permission. Forget Rupert Sanders and Kristen deep-throating in a mini-cooper. So 2012. Big, public spaces with people, actual people, milling about where and how rebound couples do their alleged thing now.

Booming overdub voice: But do we know if Selena Gomez, 21, and Orlando Bloom, 37, are dating? Or feeling even remotely revenge-y. I mean, they could have just been sitting next to each other.

Indeed they could.

Because unless we're mistaken, Mail Online reported Friday that Selena was seen virtually sprinting from her SUV to meet up with Bieber at a recording studio in Hollywood one day before her Saturday evening out at the Handler's show.

Selena Gomez And Orlando Bloom Smeared In Revenge Sex Rumor

A mere day later, Justin and crew would amble up to Central Park in New York City where he would post an Instagram photo of himself waving the West Side hand-sign, before teasing an idea of proposing to his "future wife" at another spot.

Gomez may be going through some sort of lengthy post-Coachella comedown which involves publicly emoting with someone else's lyrics, wearing lot of black eyeliner while quoting Amy Winehouse, then unfollowing the world on Instagram -- but she's never been considered the type to play two men.

It's widely reported she and Bieber are in a back-on cycle of their relationship after being spotted in meets all over the country in recent months.

Page Six reports Gomez arrived at the Forum venue in the same car as Bloom and later left together.

But on the Spring Breakers star's Instagram feed, a video of her Saturday night showed her surrounded by girlfriends. So, was Bloom just one of a group?

Somewhat answering their own question, the outlet says Bloom is going through a friendly divorce from model wife Miranda Kerr, suggesting Gomez would be the very last person he would turn to for "revenge sex."

The pair also hung out at a We Day conference in Oakland, California, at which they both gave speeches. Gomez later posted an Instagram of herself backstage with Bloom, Seth Rogen and others.

Hollywood Life later claimed Bieber was angry about the picture based on their view that he must be.

Selena Gomez With Orlando Bloom

(Photo: Instagram.)

The reason why we keep mentioning revenge is based on a persistent rumor that Bieber and Kerr got too friendly backstage at a Victoria Secret's show in November 2012.

The rumor sparked from photographs of the two standing next to each other and not looking entirely repulsed, which in tabloid terms = having sex.

That rumor was revisited last year when the UK tabloid, the Sunday People, claimed a source said Bieber was the reason Kerr and Bloom announced they were splitting up last October.

This would later prove to be nonsense when Kerr declared this year that she wants to explore relationships with women.

So what do we have other than Gomez and Bloom looking like rabbits in a headlight, and yet another reason to needlessly mention Kerr and Bieber in the same sentence?

Not a lot, but who can resist the appeal of a "Revenge Screwing" headline?

Update: A new E! News report quotes a source who categorically denies Gomez and Bloom are dating.