Idina Menzel Dishes About Met Gala Dress, Jokes About John Travolta Fiasco

Idina Menzel might have a name that John Travolta has a difficult time pronouncing, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t quickly cutting her own path through Hollywood.

The Broadway actress was among the many famous faces who attended Power of Women luncheon organized by the folks over at Variety. Since several websites were in attendance during the recent gathering, Menzel found herself assaulted with a flurry of questions about her life and career.

The boys and girls at E! Online decided to ask Idina Menzel about the upcoming Met Gala, an event the singer plans to attend. Although the website wanted some juicy details about the dress she’s selected for the occasion, Menzel revealed that she can’t offer up too many details about the outfit just yet.

“I don’t think I can tell you about my dress because Anna Wintour is helping me so I don’t want to say the wrong thing,” Idina revealed.

She continued, “It’s such a glamorous evening. I went once before and it’s so beyond elegant and I don’t know it’s one of those things I am enjoying. Part of the success I am having is being invited to it and feeling like a princess up there and it’s just one of those nights.”

Idina Menzel also proved that she has a sense of humor about the John Travolta debacle that took place during the Academy Awards last month. The Pulp Fiction star fumbled the proverbial ball big time when he pronounced the singer’s name as “Adele Dazeem.”

While Travolta had a difficult time getting Menzel’s name to roll off his tongue, Entertainmentwise points out that Josh Groban had absolutely no problem getting it right at the Power of Women luncheon. Idina also used the opportunity to poke a little fun at the situation.

“He got my name right!” Menzel joked after Groban’s introduction.

The Inquisitr previously reported that the Frozen singer did her best to move past the Travolta’s gaffe during last month’s awards ceremony. Instead of dwelling on and stewing about the situation, she decided put it behind her.

“I heard it, I did. I don’t want to keep saying it because I don’t want [Travolta] to feel worse or anything, because he sent lots of apologies and everything that were really nice,” the actress explained.

She added, “Then the orchestra started and then for eight seconds, I said, ‘Get your… together! And like, stop worrying about your name and sing this song! You know, the world is going to see this song.’ So, it took me about eight seconds to get over myself.”

Despite Travolta’s inability to properly pronounce her name, the world paid quite a bit of attention to Idina Menzel. Rumor has it the singer could end up starring in the Broadway version of Disney’s hit animated flick Frozen.

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