Little Surprise On Big Fort Lauderdale Highway: Dad Delivers Baby In Car

Just west of I-95, in a car on eastbound I-595 in Fort Lauderdale, a new life entered the world.

A couple, whose names are being kept confidential due to privacy issues, were on their way to the Hollywood Birthing Center in Fort Lauderdale, when they got stuck in rush hour traffic. It quickly became apparent that the baby was not going to be able to wait and the father was forced to pull over and deliver the child himself.

Fort Lauderdale Deputy Fire Chief, Timothy Heiser said that the father was surprisingly calm.

“When we got there, [the mother] had already delivered the baby, a little girl,” Heiser said. “The father had pulled over and delivered the baby himself, which is absolutely amazing. He’s a real hero. He did a heck of a job. He did everything we could have done and he really should be proud of himself.”

The Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue received and responded to the call about a baby delivery on the interstate at approximately 6pm. Fort Lauderdale EMTs gave the baby oxygen after drying her off and wrapping her up.

“She walked him through it because she’s a NICU nurse,” Fort Lauderdale paramedic David Porter said.

Porter’s partner, Rolando Busto, added, “We wipe down the baby, stimulate the baby, provide a little oxygen. Mom was in great spirits. Baby was in great health.”

Although the baby had arrived before the paramedics, they still played an important role into the well-being of the child and her mother.

“These are the better calls,” said Busto.”You deal with tragedy day in and day out – it’s nice when you get a call like this.”

That could be the understatement of the century, as it falls on the heels of several stories involving the death of babies by the hands of their mother or left to die in hot cars. It’s rare to see such a heartwarming story in the news.

The mother and child were transported to Broward Health in Fort Lauderdale. The dad followed behind in the car that seconded as the child’s delivery room.

Recently, Fort Lauderdale Fire posted a picture of the baby (which can be seen above) along with an update. The baby, mom and dad are all doing well after the interstate delivery.

The newborn has an older brother waiting at home. She’ll also have a fun story to tell her future friends.