Teenage Boy Knocks Father Out After Verbal Sparring Match: Did His Father Provoke Him? Footage Goes Viral

Meaghan Ellis

**Warning: This video contains graphic nature and obscene language.**

Children are usually taught at a young age to treat their parents, as well as, other adults with the upmost respect. However, one family has deemed opposing behavior to be relatively acceptable. The worst part about it all is that they even took time to film and upload it for the world to see.

On Saturday, April 26, a video was uploaded to World Star Hip Hop, showing a teenage boy and his father embroiled in a verbal sparring match. The boy's father can be heard spewing obscenities in his son's face, while others can be heard laughing at the boy's humiliation. As the video continues, the man begins vexing his son and insisting that he hit him. The others in the background also joined in on the provocation.

At first, the boy can be seen resisting the urge to react, but as the bullying continues, he starts to fight back. He initially raises his hands to block his father's advances, but then he ended up striking him in his father. The middle-aged man hit the concrete following the shocking blow. His son, immediately regretting his actions, went to his father and attempted to see if he was okay. But, unfortunately the video came to an abrupt end.

Although the video was just uploaded earlier today, it has already gone viral, receiving more than 950,000 views. The video has been uploaded and shared via Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, Imperial Hip Hop, disturbing footage has caught the attention of so many viewers due to its title which reads, "Disrespectful: Son Knocks Out His Father!" However, many have openly disagreed with the title as the footage shows otherwise.

While some viewers have find the footage to be relatively comical, most viewers have expressed that the adults' actions are repulsive and appalling. Users have weighed in on a number of social media networks with their sentiments toward the footage.

"The father shouldnt have talked to his son like that-he seemed drunk. And the son shouldnt have hit his father," said YouTube user, XSarge1.

"Sad, I could feel the fear he had in him when his father fell. The whole thing is sad," Carmela Mendez said via YouTube.

"Sad, I could feel the fear he had in him when his father fell. The whole thing is sad," Carmela Mendez said via YouTube.

— # (@JE_XCVI) April 26, 2014

— Derrick Morris (@Mrimpala1) April 27, 2014

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