Kim Kardashian As Fascinating As Ordinary Subway Riders, Says Vogue Exec

Someone’s not a fan of Kim Kardashian!

Grace Coddington, the creative director of Vogue Magazine told in a interview with Financial Times that Kardashian has the appeal of an ordinary subway rider!


The interview, published Saturday, detailed the very intriguing opinions Grace had about the most popular Kardashian:

“I’m fascinated by her, in the same way I’m fascinated by the people I see on the street or the subway.”

The 73-year-old Coddington, who became famous in 2007 when she appeared in a documentary about Vogue called The September Issue, stated the backhanded compliment when she was asked about Kim’s wedding cover on Vogue, where the creative director had an active role.

Grace did say a couple of wonderful things about Kim Kardashian. On the controversial wedding shoot, which featured Kim alongside fiance Kanye, Vogue‘s creative chief described Kardashian as “very professional” and the couple’s baby North as “very well-behaved”.

Kim Kardashian isn’t having the best wedding prep. Although the couple obviously has the monetary means to have the perfect wedding, Kim and Kanye have been facing a lot of flak since the wedding announcement. Just last week, Kim’s Vogue shoot was hit with a lawsuit by former child star Ricky Spicer, who attested copyright claims over some clips used in the background music of the behind-the-scenes shoot.

The Kim and Kanye shoot has been a major, viral hit among fans, who’ve shared the vid on Facebook and Twitter countless times.

While many became immediate admirers after watching the vid, some stayed skeptical of the relationship. On Facebook and Twitter, the couple received negative remarks due to a range of topics, from the alleged “too much Photoshop” accusation to the plainly mean, “too fat for a wedding” remark.

Nevertheless, fans of Kim remain loyal and continue to express on social media their excitement for the couple’s “super-super small, intimate wedding”.

According to Radar Online last Friday, Kim and Kanye plan to wed on the US first, before moving the ceremony to Paris, where an event comprising of just family and close friends will be held.

Their US wedding, which will be in Southern California, is to ensure the legality of the wedding in accordance to US standards. Although, weddings made in France are recognized by the US government, paperwork “could be a nightmare to deal with”, says a source to Radar Online.

Are you excited to see Kim Kardashian tie the knot?

[Image from Vogue]