Olsen Twins Promote New Fragrance On The Ellen DeGeneres Show

The Olsen twins graced TV screens across America when they appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres show last week. Among other things, they spent time plugging their new business venture.

The twins’ appearance on the show was rare indeed; the last time they gave a televised interview together was over three years ago. The girls chatted with Ellen just like old friends – and then presented their new products.

Two delicate fragrances, called Elizabeth and James Nirvana White and Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black, were on hand for all to whiff, as Mary-Kate spoke about the reason for two, instead of just one fragrance: “Our brand is about duality and we wanted to be able to offer options,” she said.

Apart from the lovely new fragrances (which you can see for yourself in the video clip below of the Olsen twins interview), the girls spoke about other things, including the fact that, at the age of 27, they still confuse the public about each other.

“For us I think it’s more like, ‘Are you Mary or Kate?’ or ‘Are you Mary-Kate and Ashley?” Ashley explained. “I’m one of ’em!”

Ellen made a little “game-show” type game out of it, and asked the twins a bunch of personal questions about themselves. Those questions included “Who is the messiest?” and “Who is the funniest?” Even Ellen admitted it was hard for her to tell the twins apart.

The sisters gave up their acting endeavors a while ago in favor of numerous other pursuits. They are well known for being very successful, if not slightly wacky, fashion designers and are making a pretty profit from their work.

There is no question that the Olsen twins are smart and as sharp as can be when it comes to taking care of their business interests.

Do you think their new fragrances will be a success or just a flash in the pan? Let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comments feed below.