Grumpy Cat Is Miserable All The Way To The Bank: Worth $1 Million And Counting

Tardar Sauce – better known by her professional stage name as “Grumpy Cat” made a guest appearance on Wednesday’s American Idol.

The frequently frowning feline was welcomed on Wednesday by the judging panel of Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, Harry Connick Jr, and host Ryan Seacrest. Filming was “pawsed” (sorry!) while the panel posed for pictures with the miserable looking cat at her grumpy best.

Complying with the trend of the moment meant that each judge had to take it in turns to get a selfie with their VIP cat visitor.

Lopez took the opportunity to try to match her expression to that of the visitor by pulling a face that should have made Grumpy Cat more than proud. Ryan and Harry’s attempts were not in the same league.

The American Idol panel were clearly excited by their star guest, and tweeted from their official account:

“Shout out to @RealGrumpyCat for stopping by #idol tonight! You are purrrrrfect #GrumpyCatOnIdol.”

Of course, Grumpy Cat has own Twitter account and hissed:

“I was on @AmericanIdol once. It was awful.”

Pretty much the type of reaction one might have expected from Grumpy Cat, as she tried to stay in character.

Grumpy Cat’s owner/promoter, Tabatha Bundesen, certainly keeps her meal ticket pet busy as she recently took it for yet another gig to the MTV awards ceremony. If you CLICK HERE, you can checkout if she was grumpy there.

It’s an ironic commentary on what the internet has brought us to that Grumpy Cat is more famous, and has earned more money than the majority of American citizens,

Grumpy Cat has achieved more than 5 million “likes” on Facebook, and has featured on the front covers of “The wall Sreet Journal” and ” The New Yorker.”

Bryan Bundesen (Tabatha’s brother), stated that with all the various endorsements, appearances and merchandise tie-ups, Grumpy Cat was worth around $1 million by March of last year.

And yet this cat is STILL grumpy. Did anyone tell her what she’s worth? With her nine lives, this feline is a money making machine with almost unlimited potential.

America today!