New Twitter Profiles: 5 Cool Changes You’ll Love

The new Twitter profiles have now rolled out to everybody, but there are very few people who have taken advantage of all that the new Twitter profiles have to offer. We’ve taken a look at the new Twitter profile and with the help of others, have found 5 cool changes that you can make to have your new Twitter profile stand out.

Choose a Cover Image

Sure, you were able to choose a cover image before the new Twitter profile came out, but now the cover image has become the central feature on your new Twitter profile screen. Find an image that represents who you are, what you do, or what you love. Because the image is so large, make sure that you upload a high-res photo for everyone to see.

Pin a Tweet

Do you have one awesome tweet that you want everybody to see? The new Twitter profile allows you to choose your favorite tweet and pin it to the top of your profile page. This means that if you have that one tweet that got retweeted by Oprah, now you have a way to easily show it off.

Find Your Favorites

All of the tweets that you have favorited over the years with the intent to go back and read them later are now more accessible than ever. Just under your cover image on the new Twitter profiles you will see that all you need to do is click “Favorites” and all of the tweets that you’ve ever loved are back in front of your eyes again.

See Your Photos and Videos

Getting concerned that you might be oversharing photos and videos on your Twitter account? The new Twitter profiles will allow you to simply see just beneath the cover image exactly how many photos and videos you have shared over the years. Perhaps you’ll even see a few embarrassing images that you wish you would have never tweeted in the first place.

Learn More About Who You Follow and Who Follows You

The new Twitter profiles allow you to click on “Following” or “Followers” to get a better understanding of the people you engage with most on Twitter. Twitter now provides you with card-style images that list the tweeter, his/her image and a description of who they are — a much better experience than what previously was there.

Have you started using the new Twitter profiles yet? What do you think?