'Game Of Thrones' Stars As Normal People Will Blow Your Mind!

When people usually think of characters in the series Game of Thrones, most of them think of dysfunctional, irregular, abnormal people who seem to have trust issues, killing complexes, and of course sex addictions - some with fellow family members. Game of Thrones, which is based off the book series, "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R.R. Martin, is a series that transcends just normal television. Despite all the things it does get away with, fans of the show has such strong emotions for the characters yet have much love for the actors. Good example is Jack Gleeson. Fans love the actor and admire his acting ability and how nice of a person he is, but they hate and loathe his character, Joffrey Baratheon - which is why they contribute Gleeson as a phenomenal actor. Even fans have shown their sadness for Gleeson's departure from the show because of "The Purple Wedding".

Despite it all, the actors that play the characters in Game of Thrones are just normal people no matter how much we love or hate their characters. But it is still mind-blowing to see our favorite killers, rapists, backstabbers, and psychopaths act like normal people.

A lot of the Game of Thrones filming is done on-site in Europe. This includes Scotland, Malta, and Croatia. So it isn't a surprise when Hollyscoop reported pictures of the cast enjoying themselves at a Croatian beach...as normal people. Below is a selfie of Cersei and Tywin actually having fun.


Of course the entire family with their friends were not far behind.


Wait a minute? When did "Horseface" come in?


Well maybe peace can be made over a couple of glasses of alcoholic beverages. Followed by Buzzfeed, it seems Varys could be the one to treat drinks. Everyone is welcome, including prostitutes like Shae.


Then Tywin can pay for the food. His son, Jaime, and Brienne of Tarth approve.


Just don't get too drunk or a war might began over a photo bomb, which Ser Loras has accomplished with perfection against Cersei.


In which Cersei may need to learn how to photo bomb if she really wants to get Ser Loras back. He didn't even feel that attack.


Wait a minute? Isn't Joffrey supposed to be dead? And why is he smiling genuinely like that? And his mom is actually happy with him WITHOUT TRYING TO BE?


This can't be right! What? He's NOT torturing Sansa Stark? He's actually happy to be by her side without being a bastard? Must be a parallel universe or something. That's the only thing that makes sense!


I guess Cersei is truly happy to be around a much happier and much alive-er son. I mean she's celebrating by hula hooping!


And I am guessing her brother wants to outdo her in this contest. It's a lot more formal than what Tyrion usually does (gratuitous sex, heavy drinking, et cetera).


In the end, the war was never really necessary. All the Game of Thrones characters really needed to do was go to the beach, treat each other out in a modern setting, and hula hoop. Well technically, all they needed to do was take selfies. If that was discovered earlier, the Game of Thrones would only be 15 minutes long and Eddard Stark would still be alive.

[Images via Instagram and Bing]