Pharrell Williams Is Publishing A Book, Here's How To Get Featured In It As Co-Author!

The Happy Song by Pharrell Williams might just be one of the most addictive compositions to come out in quite some time, and now the singer has taken wraps off an entirely different project.

The singer-songwriter has decided to pen a book. However, the interesting part is that he is offering a chance to his fans to be featured in the book as co–authors. Singer Pharrell Williams – whose current chartbuster single, "Happy," has a mesmerizing chorus that seduces listeners into joining in – has come up with the concept that lets fans fill in portions of his book to win a chance to be mentioned in the physical copies that will published soon.

Pharrell Williams Book Inspiration has Blank Spaces For Fans To Fill
Pharrell Williams Book Inspiration has Blank Spaces For Fans To Fill

Pharrell has already compiled the book, called Inspiration, which is sort of a "social book" in collaboration with Tipp-Ex. Though fully written, it was presented by Pharrell as a blank literary canvas. The Virginia native has urged his fans to participate in a write along while they wait for it to be published, reported MTV.

Pharrell William's fans will have to head over to the official website for the book, where they will be greeted with several pages of the book that have many blank / white spaces indicating that words are missing. Participants will have to guess the missing words and type them in. If the guess is right, one gets a video thumbs-up. If you are the first to supply the correct word, you will have your name listed in the book when it is published.

Successfully guessing the word will get a congratulatory message
Successfully guessing the word will get a congratulatory message

The book is updated live and participants can see words appearing even as they attempt to guess. If the participant hovers over the words, the first name and last initial of those who supplied them appear as a pop-up. Merely getting a single word right doesn't entitle a mention in the authors list, however. One will have to register on the site to score points, and the more points one secures, the closer his or her name is to Mr. Williams' in the credits.

Besides a mention in the book, there are other prizes which include complimentary iTunes Download Codes. Pharrell Williams has ensured that people with multiple linguistic backgrounds are able to participate and hence there are French, German, Spanish and Italian versions of the book, too.

More information about the contest will be announced post July 1. Pharrell is hoping that all the words in the book will have been filled in by that time. However, in a generous act of kindness, the revenues from the contest will go towards Pharrell's non-profit From One Hand to AnOTHER which, according to its official website, hopes to "change the world one kid at a time by providing them the tools and resources to meet their unique potential."

Pharrell may have reinvented the dressing style, but now he seems to have brought in a new promotional campaign with a heartwarming end.

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