Chris Schauble: KTLA Anchor Reunited With Birth Mother After Inviting Viewers In On Search

Chris Schauble has finally been reunited with his birth mother, the end result of a months-long search that the KTLA anchor carried out before millions of viewers.

The search started in October, when Schauble decided that he finally wanted to meet his birth parents. The anchor said he never had a burning desire to meet his biological parents before, but at 44 and now a father himself, Chris started to to get curious about his own family history.

“The older I get, the more I realize when it comes to the game of life, I’ve checked off a lot of boxes and one of the ones I think that’s not been checked off and leaves me incomplete was knowing my biological history,” explained Chris. “I finally took the steps with the support of KTLA to find my birth parents.”

The search, which played out over the course of several months, ended earlier this year with Chris Schauble finally meeting his mother.

The meeting actually came on a pretty memorable day for Schauble — the day an earthquake struck Los Angeles, and he became famous nationwide for his wide-eyed reaction.

“The same day of my infamous ‘earthquake face,’ that afternoon I got the call from the Florida Adoption Reunion Registry saying ‘your mother, we identified her, we’ve spoken with her, she wants to talk to you,’ ” he said.

Chris Schauble had already learned that he was born to an African-American father and an Italian-American mother, information he learned through an online genealogy search.

The search had plenty of ups and downs. Chris knew that he spent the first three months of his life in a group home in Florida, a state with restrictive adoption laws. With the help of an investigator, he was able to find that his mother was 38 years old when he was born and that he wasn’t actually born in Florida.

The investigator caught a break, finding the attorney Schauble’s mother used in the adoption, a man who remarkably was still in practice. But once Chris got in touch with the attorney, he found that the records were gone.

But Chris Schauble wouldn’t give up, and after more than six months he finally found his birth mother, Virginia.

Those who want to know more about Chris Schauble in his quest to find his birth mother can turn to, which includes video and photos of the reunion.